Important Features of Traditional Art

Features of Traditional Artwork
Artist Raj Kumar Shakya


Traditional artwork means creation of commodities in human life through the medium of different physical elements including past religion, culture, lifestyle and important unforgettable knowledgeable moments.
Education of religion, culture, discipline, faith, lifestyle, civilization, Values, development, justice, belief & moral in human life and for its protection, traditional artwork in any country perspective provides unprecedented contribution.
The feature of traditional artwork is also to correct or to make visible the series of past event in every population. Due to its main features, traditional artwork is being forceful medium to study human and understand the philosophy.
Major sequence features of Traditional Artwork

  • Religion defense
  • Religion publication
  • Art conservation
  • Increase heritage
  • History composition
  • Financial development
  • Fame
  • Culture protection
  • Technology protection
  •  Receive relief

1.      Religion Defense
Any traditional artwork of world is related with religion. Having knowledge of their religion and their own vision of art is created and presented in masses. Traditional artwork presents source of sense, vision and knowledge in the form of concrete and abstract of all Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Brahma and personalities to have welfare and increase sequence of perfection for the protection of religion. Construction of traditional artwork like idols, pagodas, temples, monastery and religious, the center of religion beliefs and unscriptural, knowledge and essence can be awakened eternally to protect. 

2.      Religion publication
The ancient artwork made on traditional style are not just conserved but also publicized. As this artwork exist for a long period of time, through this, the ancient stories are carved that even exist as precious article. This beauty develops curiosity in human to have extra knowledge regarding the related subject.
3.      Art Conservation
Artwork depends on the related social religion & culture. These works are meaningful and coordinately awakes faith & beliefs in people and become precious itself. Because of this, different shapes of commodities are created in different places, environment and areas. The exhibition of art relates to defense of religion as well as awakes the art of human society, society evolution and nationalism. So, consequently, it makes people aware of dilapidation of old arts.
4.      Increase heritage
The art is precious as it involves different substance, valuable items, metals and skills of artist. Due to incoming of people from different countries to perceive the composition of traditional art, it is resulting in enthusiasm in national & international level. The art work and fine work of artist reflecting in traditional artwork makes fascinating. As a result, there is tough competition between the artists that arise to artwork.
5.      History Composition
Artworks are created through fine and hard works so, it exists for long span of time. Arts, artists and many more helps to in-script about, what, when, where it was built. It will remain as an evidence for the subject matter to build grantham. These means of artworks direct to learn and investigate about nation’s time, condition, social and cultural civilization. Therefore, this sector broadcast our nation’s historical introduction among people.
6.      Financial Development
In ancient days, artist and skilled craftsman typically had enough amounts to live even though there is not high value of the artwork. The artist and the artisan made precious artifacts that became a tourist close attention as well as major opportunity for economic progress. Arts and heritages for country and more recently for world became development as prestigious property. Theprices aremeasured in precious commodity, art quality and high reinforce technology for financial increment in order to develop the country in an effective way. Therefore, it helps to uplift the country, peoples 'standard and lifestyle.
7.      Fame
Artworks relates to high thinking, religious, serenity, human emotions and sort of things. Thus, its exhibition provide hilarity and relief that establish the willingness in people to describe artworks among masses. As a result, it is prospered all over the world.
8.      Cultural preservation
Artworks and heritage keeps one’s religious norms and values alive. Praying in the early morning, visiting temples, celebrating festival and many more activities energize the society. This sort of activities entertain the human society and preserve the artworks and culture as well.
9.      Technology Protection
The popularization and the techniques in artwork are much more amazing. An instruments and techniques from ancient eras are precious and are always preserved.
10.  Receive Relief
Artist enjoy up to depth during the creation of artwork. Skilled artisans are glad to see artwork completed whereas the audience fascinated to enjoy the artwork.Some people experience life together with art, philosophy and knowledge in the religion screen, civilization, tradition and corresponding mutual reconciliation, brotherhood, religious practice, and visit& glance the joy where others take interest in  how, where, when, such an interesting and fantastic does get through and enjoy shooting.The above features are carried on, on different styles.The features are carried on consecutively one after another. If any of these features are missed then it won’t create a traditional art. The fine traditional art is formed because of the co-ordination between the above characters. And to make them sequentially is the work and ability to be shown by the artist and artisan.