Brief explanation of some of our important artifacts

1. Mega Statues
The mixture of art and science is such extravagant technology by which we are able to create larger than the life size metal statues. Our latest project of 115 Ft tall statue of Guru Rinpocche is just a starting number. The mega statues are specially focused and desired to be created.

2. 3-D Statue
Various images and statues can be made by repousse process. They are the 3-dimensional statues which  can be viewed from any direction.

3. Relief Statue
Various images and statues can be made by beating copper, brass, gold and silver sheets. They are the images and statues whose complete picture can be viewed from a single direction only.

4. Stupa
The Nepalese and Tibetan stupas are made of copper and gold-plated artifacts and decorated with various stones.

5. Mask
The mask and faces of different statues can be made from copper sheets. They are especially used in cultural dances and wall decorations. The mask of Bhairava holds a prominent place as it is widely worshiped in Nepal.

6. Mandala
It is an inevitable part of idol worshipping. Copper or silver sheets are preferred to making it.

7. Temple
The metal work is an assential part of temples, Mahabihars and Gompas. Generally the gajurs, roof, pinnacle, Ilan(Ceiling Decoration) and torans (entrance gate decoration) of pagoda temples are made from copper and, if required, are gold plated.

8. Model, Decoration and other Metal artifacts
Nowadays, metal-crafts and such artifacts are widely used in hotels, offices, residences and public places.