Rajkumar Shakya of Patan

Mr. Raj Kumar Shakya comes long way from traditional Repousse artist family. He was born in 1966 A.D. in Thaina, Okubahal, near Patan city. During his early age, he started his journey in traditional art field. Firstly, he learned his craft in the workshop of his father Mr. Rudra Raj Shakya, a renowned senior repousse artist of Nepal.

Mr. Shakya belongs to lineage of scholars and artists whose genealogy can be traced far back great Artist Abhaya raj, who designated the famous MahaBuddha Temple of Okhubahal during 1564 A.D. The lineage covers the great artist Bhim Narshingh shakya, his son great artist Kuber singh Shakya , grandsons Kesh Raj Shakya and Rudra Raj Shakya till the present generation Raj Kumar Shakya, Rabindra Shakya And Rajendra  Shakya.

Mr. Raj Kumar Shakya was fascinated about traditional art and always worried to revive it. So, he took it to scientific and professionalism and established a craft centre named ON METAL ARTS AND CRAFT.  The centre is concentrate in designing and manufacturing of traditional replicas.

As his formal tranings, he took traning of design and architech from Handicraft Promotion Branch. Also he is trained in sketch & sculpture, Painting and sculpture Training Management Committee at Buddhist Monasteries Association of Aksheswor Mahavihar,  Lalitpur.